Lunch: French words list

Le déjeuner /Le dèj. Lunch
L’entrée (f.) Appetizer or First course
Le plat principal Main course
Le dessert Dessert
Les féculents Carbohydrates
Les pâtes (f.) Pastas
Le riz Rice
La pomme de terre/La patate Potatoe
La frite French frie
La viande Meat
Le boeuf Beef
Le poulet Chicken
La saucisse Sausage
Le porc Pork
Le jambon Ham
Le poisson Fish
Le saumon Salmon
Le thon Tuna
La sardine Sardine
L’œuf (m.) Egg
L’œuf dur (m.) Boiled egg
L’omelette (f.) Omelette
Le légume Vegetable
La courgette Zucchini
La tomate Tomato
La carotte Carrot
Le champignon Mushroom
Le poireau Leek
L’oignon (m.) Onion
La salade Salad
Le brocoli Broccoli
Le haricot vert Green bean
Le petit pois Pea
Le maïs Corn
La soupe Soup
Le fruit Fruit
Le yaourt Yogurt
Le pain Bread
Le fromage Cheese
L’eau gazeuse (f.) Sparkling water
L’eau plate (f.) Still Water
Le vin blanc White wine
Le vin rouge Red wine
Le café Coffee
La brasserie Brasserie
Le menu du jour Today’s special
La cantine Canteen
Manger To eat
Boire To drink
Déjeuner to have lunch

My favorite lunch

I love long lunches when it is already time for the afternoon snack but you are still seating at the dining room’s table! Just relaxing, digesting and drinking coffee after a very nice meal. I enjoy cooking for my family and I like pretty much any kind of food, not too spicy though.

Mouth on fire ⇝ Not for me!


I usually cook an entrée, a soupe in winter and a salade with thontomate et maïs in the summer, a plat principal, such as pouletpommes de terre and haricots verts. For the dessert, I generally eat a yaourt or a fruit. And of course, my déjeuner ends with un café.

Did you understand what I can cook for le déjeuner ? What kind of dish do you cook for lunch ?

Fun Fact

Before the meal, and even before the entrée, there is another moment in the meal that is called the apéritif, most commonly called the apéro (“Appetizer“). Usually, French people have a glass of alcohol (Ricard, cocktail, wine,…) or a glass of fruit juice for people who do not drink alcohol or for children. A small snack is also usually served along with the drinks, like peanuts, potato chips, toasts with butter and smoked salmon or mini pizzas. As you can guess, the apéro can last a very long time !

aperitif in france

One last thing : When having a coffee at the end of the meal, many people have a square of chocolate (I also do :)) to finish on a sweet touch.

If you learnt new French words related to lunch, share it and spread French vocabulary !