1. Norman Thavaud

Norman is a French comedian, who started posting funny videos on Dailymotion (French video platform) and on Youtube. He used to be quite funny, but on Instagram, it’s not my cup of tea. I don’t follow him, but he definitely is a guy that is quite trendy in France. Have a look at his Instagram and make yourself your own opinion.

2. EnjoyPhoenix

Marie Lopez, alias EnjoyPhoenix on the Internet, became popular thanks to Youtube. She is one of the first girls to become popular thanks to make-up tutorials videos on Youtube, where she posted her first video in 2011. Her Instagram account is mostly about beauty. I used to follow her to see why she is an Instagram phenomenon. But this is definitely not an account for me, I am probably too old!

3. Caroline Receveur

♥ My favorite French Instagram influencer ♥ I love her and I love her account. She is a mompreneur : she has a clothes brand and a tea brand, she has a son, she is funny, she is inspirational. She obvisouly posts about her life and she also tries to motivate her followers by posting quotes. I like her today, but before becoming huge in Instagram, she was already famous as she participated in French reality shows, that I don’t really like or follow. However, now that she managed to take this image off of her, she really seems like a nice person. If you want to follow the whole family, you can also follow her husband : hugophilip

4. Natoogram

I must admit that I didn’t know this account before writing this article. She is a  comedian and her account is mostly about funny fashion (if that exists!). Just like EnjoyPhoenix, she also started posting videos on Youtube in 2011, but mainly funny videos.

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5. Lenamahfouf

Lena opened a blog in 2012 to talk about beauty, fashion and good addresses in Paris. People like her because she seems to be the girl next door : open-minded, pretty, funny, nice. She perfectly embodies this new generation of Instagram influencers. In 2019, she won the People’s choice award in the category French pop-culture influencer of the year.

6. Thedollbeauty

I also didn’t know this account before this article (God! Where have I been this whole time ?!). Maroua is a young French Algerian girl. When I went through her account, at first, I didn’t think it was so interesting and I thought it was only a girl showing off on Instagram, like many others. But she is actually quite funny. She is able to show her real life with her family.

7. Paolalct

Once again, didn’t know this girl, but I noticed that Rihanna (herself!) was following her on Instagram. Regarding her account, not so much to tell : A super pretty girl posting photos of her beautiful self on Instagram. If you are into modeling, fashion and beauty, then this account is certainly for you.

8. L’atelier de Roxane

This account is the one of a mummy showing her life with her husband and her child. From my point of view, her Instagram account honestly looks like a TikTok account : funny dances with her family at different places. If you like Mummy’s accounts, dances, and a bit of fashion, then you should follow her!


I didn’t expect to find a food account on the top 50 of the most famous French Instagram influencers, and there it is : Fastgoodcuisine. When I scroll on his account, this guy is more into heavy meals than light meals : French fries and burgers all over, pastas, giant pizzas. If you are on a diet, do not follow this account!!!

10. Andyrowski

Andy belongs to the first generation of the stars of the InternetFunny videospretty girl and a bit of fashion : the right cocktail towards success. And believe it or not, she was in my class when I was at the university studying English (Coucou Nadège!).

BONUS : Camillelellouche

Camille Lellouche is very funny and she is also a great singer. If you want to hear some skits in French, follow her and you won’t be disappointed!

After reading this article, who did you decide to follow on Instagram ? Let me know in the comments 🙂 And do not hesitate to share my article !