May 17, 2024

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French radio stations online : another way to learn

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Immerse yourself in French culture by tuning into some of the best French radio stations available online. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the latest French music, catch up on news, or explore cultural programs, these online radio stations offer a wide range of content to suit all tastes.
French radio stations-online

French radio stations can be a very good resource to learn French. You can listen to it online whenever and wherever you are in the world, wherever you are in your daily life (at home, outside, at work,…).

Even though at first you won’t understand a single thing that is said, you will have a glance at which music French people listen to and your ear will get used to hearing French, and that can only help you learn French. You will find in this article a list of the national French radio stations, choose the one you prefer according to your tastes, turn it on and enjoy 🙂

MUSIC Stations


NRJ is one of the most famous radio stations in France. The music (mainly contemporary International pop and French pop) is mainstream. Here is the link to this radio : NRJ. The first icon is the national radio, on which you will hear music, commercials, news, shows, etc. The other icons are classified by theme, and you will hear only music on it.


This radio streams rap and RnB, in French and in English. When you go on this page, the live radio is on top of the website, press play and experience listening to a French radio!

Chérie FM

This is one of my favorite radios, as it broadcasts all kind of mainstream music (international and French), not only contemporary but also older music. If you want to give it a try, click here and, here again, click on the first icon for the national live radio, and on other icons organized by type of music.


Nostalgie, as indicated by its name, airs all kind of vintage music, if I may say so. To listen to it, go to this page and once again, click on the first icon. Welcome to yesterday 🙂


If you want to discover French music, then this radio is for you as you will hear only French songs on it! Click here. Can you see a banner at the bottom of the page? Click on the play button where it is written “Ecoutez” (meaning “Listen” in French).

Radio Nova

Find all the Great Mix of Radio Nova: podcasts, frequencies, playlists, articles, shows… Click here to listen to this great radio.

NEWS Stations

France Inter

France Inter is one of the most famous news radio stations here, as it is public. On this channel, you can listen to the news, shows on French culture, society, literature,… When you visit their website, click on the play button on the top right of your screen. In the top left corner, you will find other radio names (from Radio France to Mouv’), don’t hesitate to explore it!


RTL is also a radio that streams all kind of news (sport, politics, news,…). Very user-friendly website, click here and you will see right in the middle of the page the play button to listen to it live.

Europe 1

Europe 1, as the previous radio channels, is a news station. As soon as you land on their website, it starts airing, so don’t be surprised!

Rire et Chansons

Rire et Chansons (meaning “laughters and songs“) is a radio that I like very much, as it broadcasts French skits (that I admit can be very hard to understand as a foreigner) and some old-school songs. If you are bold, give it a try right here (Play button on the top right corner of the page).

I hope you will listen to the French radio stations online to listen to French language and French music! Don’t hesitate to comment this article or to share it!