May 17, 2024

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French animal sounds (+ BONUS : animal vocabulary)

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Ever wondered how animals sound in French? This fun guide will take you through the unique and interesting world of French animal sounds. From "ouaf ouaf" for dogs to "cocorico" for roosters, you'll discover how common animals are vocalized in French. Start learning French animal sounds today and add a playful touch to your language skills!
French animal sounds

French animal sounds are different from German animal sounds or American animal sounds, for example. Actually, even though it can be quite similar (yes all animals objectively make the same sound), there are as many sounds as the languages in the world! Let’s find out what the French animals sound like 🙂

English animal French animal French sound
Bee Abeille Bzzzzz
Donkey Âne Hi-Han
Duck Canard Coin-coin
Cat Chat Miaou
Horse Cheval Huuuuuu
Dog Chien Wof Wof
Owl Chouette Hou-Hou
Pig Cochon Groin-Groin
Rooster Coq Cocorico
Cuckoo Coucou Coucou
Turkey Dinde Glouglou
Frog Grenouille Côa-Côa
Wolf Loup Aouuuuuh
Fly Mouche zzzzzzzzzz
Sheep Mouton Bêêêêêêê
Bird Oiseau Cui-cui
Peacock Paon Léon
Parrot Perroquet Co-co
Pigeon Pigeon Rou-rou
Hen Poule Cot-cot
Snake Serpent Kssssss
Cow Vache Meuh

When French people are speaking to babies/young children, they usually use the sound the animal is making to talk about the animal. For instance, French people often say : “Regarde le coin-coin!” (Look at the duck!)

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Different sounds mean different verbs!

In French, we like to use different verbs to describe the sounds of each animals. Let’s check below the most common ones (as we almost have one specific verb for each species, most French-speaking people do not know them, me included 🙂 so let’s learn the ones below first and if you need to know a specific verb, leave a comment and I will reply.)

Animal Verb
Abeille Bourdonner
Âne Braire
Canard Cancaner or Caqueter
Cerf (Deer) Bramer
Chat Miauler
Cheval Hennir
Chien Aboyer
Chouette Hululer
Cochon Grogner
Coq Chanter
Dinde Glouglouter
Eléphant Barrir
Grenouille Coasser
Lapin (Rabbit) Clapir
Lion Rugir
Loup Hurler
Ours (Bear) Grogner
Poule Caqueter
Sanglier (Boar) Grommeler
Vache Meugler

Comment and tell me which of the French animal sounds is the funniest for you! If you learnt something thanks to this article, please share it!